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Sign Maintenance

Storefront Signage Repair

Outdoor or Indoor LED Signage

Electric Signs and Displays

Electric signs and displays often influence a business’s first impression, and they play a critical role in creating lasting perceptions for potential customers. At Birdsong Electric, we understand the value of a properly working sign. We have built our reputation on maximizing our client’s sign investments by keeping all their displays functioning properly and looking their best. Since 1983, Birdsong Electric has helped businesses and organizations in virtually every industry maximize their success by providing superior sign and display service and maintenance. We want to do the same for your company.

Outdoor Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Outages in canopy lighting, wall packs and parking lot lighting can hurt your business and reduce safety levels. We’ll help you avoid these problems by responding quickly to repair and maintenance needs. Also our experts will keep your exterior lighting in top working condition.


Signage Maintenance

Paint and Plastics

Weather, vandals and accidents play a large role in discoloring and damaging sign faces and paint finishes. Birdsong Electric can handle these repairs from start to finish. Our in-house sign painters and full-scale manufacturing partners enables us to repair or replace sign and letter faces as needed.


Electrical Issues

Basic Electrical Troubleshooting

We are also skilled in performing basic electrical repairs, including repairs that are related to photocells, time clocks, outlets and wiring for sign and lighting components.

Review Outdoor Lighting and Exterior Lighting

Night Patrol

Many needed sign repairs and lighting outages go unnoticed during daytime working hours. Letting these problems go unresolved can negatively affect businesses, damage your company’s image and jeopardize safety. Birdsong Electric offers night patrol services to regularly check signs and lighting during the night, when problems are most visible.

Residential and Commercial Lighting

Lighting Design

The professionals at Birdsong can help your company save energy and money with the latest lighting technology available. Just need advice? Let Birdsong help you make the right decision and select the best lighting for your facility or home. Don’t give money away to the utility company – Birdsong can improve your lighting while putting the money back in your pocket.

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