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Birdsong Electric Police Shield

Thank you for serving and protecting us, our business and the city streets. This is our sentiment to those in law enforcement as a way to express our desire to support our local Police Department and other law enforcement officers serving the DFW and surrounding areas. Simply show your badge credentials to obtain your 15% […]

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What Questions To Ask An Electrical Contractor

Electric Contractor

Selecting a qualified electrical contractor for your home or business can be challenging. It’s a little like taking your car into a car dealer or going to the doctor. You know something is wrong, but you lack the expertise to diagnose the problem yourself – and you are at the mercy of the supposed expert. […]

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Google Review

Electrician's Policy

Thank you for the opportunity for Birdsong Electric to serve you. Will you help spread the good news of our services via our Google Review page. Simply click on the link here to get started.

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Love Is In the Air

Birdsong Lighting

Love Is In The Air Young Skunks Turn To Thoughts of Love… Beware of the Skunk Breeding SeasonThe beginning of skunk breeding season ironically falls close to Valentine’s Day. But instead of the comic cavortings of Pepé Le Pew, the results are often closer to “My Bloody Valentine.” In a recent survey of about 100 […]

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We Want To Hear From You

Residential Electrical Services

What quotes or thoughts inspire YOU to be the best that you can be?

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Electric Contractor

Panel Inspection Includes: – Removal of the panel cover to thoroughly inspect all wiring. – Tightening of main service entrance connections. (This is the main trouble spot, these inspections have prevented many panel replacements.) – Check all branch circuit breakers. – We also use a Fluke infrared thermometer to check for any high temperatures. Technician […]

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Become Our Fan

If you have a Facebook account you can become a Birdsong Electric fan by clicking here. We look forward to staying connected with you and to inform you with helpful information. We have definitely taken a leap into the 21st century to strive to connect with our clients on the social media networks. In fact, […]

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Hello Garland!

Testimonies and Reviews of Birdsong Electric

Welcome to Birdsong Electric! This is our first post.

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